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Service-Line Valves and Fittings for Drinking Water Systems

Purpose: To provide a Standard Practice covering most of the significant valves and fittings used in drinking water service-line systems including both buried and non-buried valves, fittings, meter setters, and service saddle clamps.
Scope: This Standard Practice covers valves and fittings in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 2, for use in drinking water system service-lines between the main and the meter. Included are:
a) Buried valves and fittings that are designed to be in direct contact with the soil (corporation valves, service saddle clamps, and curb valves).
b) Non-buried valves and fittings that are designed for installation within an enclosure such as a meter box or building structure (meter valves, check valves, meter fittings, and meter setters).
c) Fittings include various types of couplings and adapters.
Not included:
a) Reduced pressure backflow preventers.
This Standard Practice establishes the minimum requirements that a drinking water service-line valve or fitting must possess at the time of manufacture. Details of design and manufacture, other than those stated in this standard, including such design and production tests to ensure that each valve or fitting will have these capabilities, remain the responsibility of the manufacturer.


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