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Metal Ball Valves for Low Pressure/Low Temperature Plumbing Applications

This Standard Practice establishes requirements for ball valves with CWP ratings. This Standard Practice provides requirements for the following:
a) Pressure-Temperature Ratings b) Materials c) Design d) Dimensions e) Marking f) Testing
Standards and specifications adopted by reference in this Standard Practice and names and addresses of the sponsoring organizations are shown in Annex B. It is not considered practical to refer to a specific edition of each of the standards and specifications in the individual references. Instead, the specific edition references are included in Annex B. A product made in conformance with the edition reference applicable during the time of manufacture, and in all other respects conforming to this Standard Practice, will be considered to be in conformance even though the edition reference may be changed in a subsequent revision of this Standard Practice.
The term ball valve as used in this Standard Practice refers to a valve whose closure member is spherical and rotates 90° between full open and full closed. Examples of typical designs and the names of the basic parts are shown in Annex A.


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