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Modification of New Water Works Valves

The purpose of this Standard Practice is to ensure that the quality of workmanship and materials meet all applicable standards and codes.
This Standard Practice establishes minimum requirements for the modification of new American Water Works Association (AWWA) valves manufactured in accordance with one or more of the following AWWA standards, and that require modification to meet specific end user requirements for use in water works applications. Specific AWWA standards, pertaining to this Standard Practice, include:
AWWA Standard Valve Type
C507 Ball
C504 and C516 Butterfly
C508 and C518 Check
C500, C509, and C515 Gate
C520 Knife Gate
C517 Plug
The procedures contained within this Standard Practice are general in nature and the facility performing the modification(s) may need to augment them as necessary to achieve compliance with all applicable codes and standards.


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