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Connecting Joints between Tapping Machines and Tapping Valves

The purpose to be achieved by this Standard Practice is to prevent interfacing and interference problems between a tapping machine and tapping valve.
This Standard Practice covers the dimensions which define the interface between drilling/tapping machine adapters and tapping valves (known as a “joint”); including clearances for the pilot drill and cutter. The positioning recess and mating raised face of the connecting flanges or end connections, between machine adapters and tapping valves, serve to ensure proper alignment of the machine adapter onto the tapping valve, without affecting the strength of the joint.
Only flanged, mechanical joint, push-on, asbestos-cement, and radial compression connections are included within this Standard Practice.
This Standard Practice covers dimensions for the special connecting flanges indicated in Section 1.1, of nominal sizes from NPS 2 through 60, for water and sewerage systems.
Pressure and pressure-temperature ratings are beyond the scope of this Standard Practice.


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