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Gray Iron Plug Valves Flanged and Threaded Ends

The 2005 edition of MSS SP-78 includes the following: added minimum wall requirements that were previously omitted, replaced the terminology “cast” iron with “gray” iron in order to specifically identify the required valve material, deleted CWP 400 since the scope of this Standard Practice is Class 125 and Class 250 valves, and deleted the PN and DN designations since these are not SI units.
This 2005a edition of MSS SP-78 was issued to correct errors in the ASTM specification numbers and titles listed in Annex C.
This Standard Practice covers gray iron plug valves with flanged or threaded ends.
This Standard Practice covers valves in sizes and pressure-temperature ratings specified herein for general purpose service.
This Standard Practice also includes, directly or by reference, stipulations on chemical and mechanical properties of materials and on dimensions of end connections in common use.


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