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Guidelines on Terminology for Pipe Hangers and Supports

This standard was developed by a cooperative effort of representatives of the pipe hanger manufacturers. It is based on the best practice current at this time and on the collective experience of the industry. There are three companion standards, MSS SP-58, MSS SP-69, and MSS SP-89 relating to hanger materials, design, manufacture, fabrication, selection and application, installation, and testing. In addition, The MSS Pipe Hanger Committee has developed MSS SP-77 Guidelines For Pipe Supports Contractual Relationships.
This Standard Practice lists and defines the principle terms and abbreviations used to describe pipe hangers and supports Users of this Standard Practice are cautioned to consult the specific manufacturer for inherent limitations in the use of their products. This Standard Practice is comprised of separate sections which contain:
Abbreviation acronyms for organizations whose documents are applicable to pipe hangers and supports.
A glossary of terms used in pipe hanger and support design, manufacture, installation and application.
Abbreviations commonly applicable to pipe hangers and supports.
Illustrations of commonly used pipe hanger and support components.
This Standard Practice has been withdrawn as an active MSS Standard effective 6/06/2014. The contents of this Standard Practice is now part of ANSI/MSS SP-58-2009, which can officially be utilized and referenced in place of SP-90. The withdrawn standard will remain available from MSS as a historical document.


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