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Steel Pipeline Flanges (Incl. 2011 Errata Sheet) (ANSI-approved American National Standard)

This Standard Practice covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, and testing. The welding neck type flanges shall be forged steel, and the blind flanges may be made of either forged steel or from steel plates.
Dimensional and tolerance requirements for sizes NPS 10 and smaller are provided by reference to ASME B16.5. When such flanges are made of materials meeting Table 1 requirements and meet all other stipulations of this standard, they shall be considered as complying therewith.

SP-44 is Incorporated By Reference into the Code of Federal Regulations and contains construction details not covered by other standards; including P/T ratings of products made of high-yield strength materials (e.g., for users that have flanged joints, flanged valves, and flanged fittings).


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