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Bellows Seals for Globe and Gate Valves

This Standard Practice covers requirements for design, materials, fabrication, installation, qualification, examination, testing, and shipment of metal bellows and/or bellows assemblies to be installed in manual and automated on-off globe and gate valves.
This Standard Practice is applicable to metal bellows used in conjunction with steel globe and gate valves which otherwise satisfy the requirements of standards such as API600/ISO10434, API602/ISO 15761, ASME B16.34 and API603. Such standards are referred to herein as the “parent” valve specifications.
This Standard Practice does not apply to non-metallic bellows or bellows made of low melting point materials such as brass, phosphor-bronze, or similar materials.
Except where specifically noted in the text of this Standard Practice, the requirements here are not intended to supersede or replace those requirements of the parent valve standard. This standard specifies additional requirements for those valves utilizing bellows seals.
It is the responsibility of the bellows valve manufacturer to ensure compliance with this Standard Practice.
Note: This Standard Practice is not intended for valves developed for and predominantly used in instrument piping systems.


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