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Compact Steel Globe & Check Valves - Flanged, Flangeless, Threaded & Welding Ends (Chemical & Petroleum Refinery Service)

This Standard Practice covers flanged end, flangeless end, threaded end, socket-welding end, and butt-welding end compact steel globe and check valves. The term "compact" is used to identify the valves covered by this Standard Practice as reduced seat port valves (Note: The term "reduced port" is defined by comparison to a full port as identified in Appendix A of ASME B16.34 for the appropriate pressure class). Valve sizes correspond to nominal pipe sizes listed in ASME B36.10M and B36.19M. Flanged, flangeless, and butt weld end valves are limited to NPS 4 and smaller; threaded and socket welding end valves are limited to NPS 2 1/2 and smaller. Valves covered under this Standard Practice shall meet the requirements of ASME B16.34, "Standard Class". The following valves are covered by this Standard Practice:
a) Class 800 valves with threaded, socket-welding, or butt-welding ends: an inside screw with rising stem (ISRS) and threaded packing nut or an outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) with rising stem and bolted, union, welded or threaded and seal welded bonnet joint.
Note: This Standard Practice is not intended for valves developed for and predominantly used in instrument piping systems. See MSS SP-99, or MSS SP-105. b) Class 1500 valves with threaded, socket-welding, buttwelding, or flanged ends; an OS&Y with rising stem and bolted packing-gland flange; and a bolted, union, welded or threaded and seal welded bonnet joint.
c) Classes 150, 300, and 600 flanged-end, flangeless end, threaded, socket-welding, or buttwelding-end OS&Y valves with rising stem, bolted packing-gland flange, threaded gland, and a bolted, union, welded or threaded and seal welded bonnet joint.
This Standard Practice has been withdrawn as an active standard effective 12/31/2012. The document will remain available from MSS as a historical document.


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