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Plastic Industrial Ball Valves

This Standard Practice establishes requirements for plastic industrial ball valves in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 4, designed for general industrial systems for the distribution of pressurizes liquids that are chemically compatible with the piping material. It reflects the industry practice of design, manufacture, and application of these valves.
This Standard Practice applies to valves having the ball seal against two self lubricating seats of the following types:
a) Union Ball Valves All joint ends have detachable nuts and end connectors; b) Single Union Ball Valves Only one joint end as detachable nuts and end connectors, with the other joints being integral to the valve body; c) Non Union Ball Valves All joint ends are integral to the valve body.
This Standard Practice covers the following:
a) Pressure Temperature Ratings and Design Requirements; b) Port Sizes; c) Tests; d) Markings; e) Commonly Used Laying Length Dimensions; f) Actuator Application Requirements.


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